In this Course, you’ll learn how to accomplish several tasks:

  • Understand the basic I/O operations and learn to install windows/software
  • Understand and use MS word, MS Excel, MS Access and MS Power point for office purposes.
  • Learn how to do efficient internet surfing for various purposes.
  • Set-up email accounts and learn various techniques to use them effectively
  • Advance their skills for working effectively in teams and boost their confidence for public communication and presentations
  • Accounting using QuickBooks
  • Intro to Adobe Acrobat

Introductions to Computers

  • Brief History of Computers
  • Introduction to basic parts of computers and its accessories
  • Introducing basic terms and concepts used to describe the specific nature of a computer
  • The diversity of computers available in terms of brands, capacity, function etc.
  • Concept of software and its diversity

English Typing

  • Basic Concepts
  • Sitting Position
  • Keys Familiarity
  • Paragraph Session
  • Speed Tests
  • Numeric Pad Speed
  • Final Speed Tests

Microsoft Word 2013

  • Creating Word Document
  • Using different types of fonts and colors
  • Formatting
  • Editing and Review
  • Mail Merging,
  • Page Layouts
  • Printing Preferences,
  • Table Utilities, Hyperlinks, label & Envelope Editing,
  • Inserting Clip art & Word Art, pictures
  • References
  • Using pre-defined templates

Microsoft Excel 2013

  • A first look at Excel 2007
  • Rows & Columns, Text & numbers in a Cell
  • Editing in a Cell
  • Center text & numbers
  • Formatting
  • Working with Excel sheet
  • Manipulating data through formulas and functions.
  • Applying data fitters
  • Creating Graphs and Charts
  • Organizing data
  • Creating different types of charts. Graphs
  • Editing the graphs and charts
  • Working with Multiple Worksheets
  • Importing Excel Sheets into Word and Power point
  • Using pre-defined templates
  • Printing
  • Printing different types of excel sheets

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

  • Introduction to power point and its tools and options
  • Creating simple presentations and reviewing, editing and formatting them using proper options
  • Working with objects, videos, and images
  • Working with smart art and Clip art
  • Working with charting
  • Hyper linking
  • Applying and customizing Animation
  • Printing
  • Using pre-defined templates

Internet & Online Education

  • Introduction World Wide Web
  • Introduction and use of various search engines
  • Techniques for effective and efficient Google search
  • Creating email accounts