The course is offered every weekday (Mon. through Thurs.) from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and 4 hours a day on Fridays and for 512 clock hours in the period of 80 days.


Course Objective

This course is designed to help prepare students for any work environment   where computers are used.  By the completion of the course, graduates will be knowledgeable in; building their own personal computer, network printers, software and hardware installation, repair, data backup, virus and spyware removal, device driver update, and troubleshooting. Students will also learn word processing programs such as Microsoft Office 2007/10, Word Perfect and be Internet literate.  During the course of the studies, students will be issued a used but repairable computer for them to diagnose, repair and take home to practice with.


Description of learning skills and other competencies

Computer repair training is an essential skill for those interested in working with information systems, desktop support, and improving efficiency over a network or organization. It provides advanced skills in troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, and upgrading of many of today’s leading systems, applications, software programs and hardware. With the growth of new technology in almost every industry, a computer repair technician can help train and teach others on how to manage new operating systems, evaluate problems, and provide solutions to everyday challenges.


 Employment Opportunities

Job options and career opportunities for computer repair technicians look promising as demand for highly trained professionals in the field is increasing with the growth of new technologies, software programs, and electronic devices. As more companies become technologically advanced, companies look for professionals who can teach and train others, as well as implement appropriate processes and networks for technical support. A computer repair career is also very flexible; a technician who branches out into related fields and industries has a higher chance of growing in their position and enjoying a rewarding career


Textbooks and Related Instructional Material

A  Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC 7th Edition, by Jean Andrews, Microsoft Office 2010 from Cengage Learning, Ten-Key Calculator Book by South Western Publishing.  Refurbished Computer to work on. 


 Course Outline

Computer Repair Technician Lecture Hours Practice Hours Total Instructional Clock  Hours Total Credit Units

Keyboard Exercise

 0 60 60

10-Key Exercise

5 25 30

Basic Math & English

10 20 30

Introduction to Windows

5 15 20

Introduction to Word Processing

15 45 60

Employment Skills & Prep

10 10 20

PC Architecture

10 10 20

MS-DOS Setup

5 15 20

Software Setup, Programs, Operating Systems & Drivers

20 60 80

Computer Assembly

15 25 40

Troubleshooting & Repair

20 52 72

Basic Networking

15 15 30

Internet Utilization

5 25 30
Total Clock Hours 135 377 512  

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