About CDI

Career Development Institute

Things happen for a reason, and they always have a way of working out  Hector Cartagena, Chief Executive Officer


CDI is a Career Technical Training School dedicated to meeting the demands of the job market in Tulare, Kings, and Fresno counties. Equipped with an experienced and dedicated staff, CDI is committed to helping students overcome past and present obstacles to reach their specific goals and claim a more successful future.



CDI will adapt to each student’s needs. Our goal is to give the student the best opportunity to retain the information they are learning. At CDI, you’ll have a staff dedicated to your future success. You’ll get hands-on training and be taught the professional skills you need to succeed in your new career.

Take the next step towards bettering your future!



CDI offers a comfortable, relaxed and intimate environment for learning. Class sizes are usually limited to 10 students per class. Every student at CDI is treated as an individual. The staff at CDI, most of which have successfully completed vocational rehabilitation training, can identify with some of the obstacles, culturally, and personal that faces the majority of students.