Front Office Medical Assistant

The course is offered every weekday (Mon. through Thurs.) from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and 4 hours a day on Fridays and for 512 clock hours in the period of 80 days.


Course Objective

This comprehensive course teaches students all the skills necessary to become multi-skilled front office medical assistant. It provides solid understanding of medical office environment, including proper telephone procedures, proper techniques to interact   with   patients, staff, and the management of patient activities and records.   Students will comprehend medical ethics vs. medical laws, and the correct spelling and pronunciation of medical terms as they relate to the body system.   The course also teaches students word processing programs, such as Microsoft 2007/2010/2013 and Corel WordPerfect.


Description of learning skills and other competencies

Students will become proficient at business communications, with the ability to prepare various letters, memorandum, set up appointments and other forms of correspondence, including email. Student will become familiar with medical terminology, skilled in Microsoft Office, skilled at operating essential office machines, including the copier, facsimile, and more. They will also master the touch method of electronic calculation through repetitive practical drills.


Employment Opportunities

Individuals who complete this course should not have difficulty finding a job to their liking in clinics, hospitals, private doctors, or even some insurance companies.   Employment opportunities can also be found as a receptionist, office secretary, office clerk and computer operator.


Texts and Related Educational Material Used 

Quick Medical Terminology by Shirley Soltesz Steiner,   Windows MediSoft Computer Software, Medical Insurance made easy, by Jill L. Brown, and Contemporary Medical Office Procedures by Thomson Publishing.  Microsoft Office 2010 from Cengage Learning, Ten-Key Calculator Book by South Western Publishing.



Front Office Medical Assistant Lecture Hours Practice Hours Total Instructional Clock  Hours Total Credit Units

Keyboard Exercise

 0 80 80

10-Key Exercise

5 35 40

Basic Math & English

15 45 60

Introduction to Windows

5 15 20

Introduction to Word Processing

20 60 80

Employment Skills & Prep

10 10 20

Interacting with Patients

10 30 40

Introduction to Medical Profession

10 10 20

English & Spanish Medical Terminology

15 25 40

Medical Ethics & Law

5 17 22

Medi-Soft Simulated Exercises

15 75 90
Total Clock Hours 105 407 512

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