We represent over 14 years of teaching excellence in 5 combined program offerings, at our campus in Visalia, CA. 

At Career Development Institute, experience relevant, real-life instruction you can use to make a meaningful impact in the career you choose. We offer our students a variety of career training options to fit individual aptitudes, attitudes, and expectations. All of our programs follow a curriculum based on industry-standard knowledge and skill sets to prepare you to enter the workplace with confidence.

Now is the time to make the decision to further your career and make a positive change for the rest of your life

Career Training Programs

Choosing the right school to advance your education begins by asking, “what programs are available and will they fit my needs?” If you’re not sure which of our programs you should pursue, our CDI admissions professionals will help you with your decision. 

Career Development Institute offers hands-on career training programs for a variety of fields including: 

You are not alone! Many students face the same issues and struggle to make education a priority. Our staff and instructors are always willing to give you the attention you need to make you feel comfortable.

Class sizes are usually limited to 10 students per class. This allows our instructors to have more one on one time with each student. We design our learning methods to be relevant to the workforce, so you can be successful when you graduate.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. CDI participates in various financial assistance programs:

  • VA Education Benefits
  • Local WIOA
  • Department of Rehabilitation
  • JTO
  • CDI Payment Plan
  • Workman’s Comp

Please contact our office for more information regarding financial assistance.

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